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"You will find that Misty Mator knows the value of crafting the right story for her audience, she works to make it connect.  Whether her audience is in a three- piece business suit to children decked out in their pajamas, her tales will connect because they are nourishment for the mind and the heart.”


~Dr. Kevin Cordi, American teacher, storyteller & author

"She gave a fabulously animated performance that kept the children focused on the very age-appropriate theme of "sharing" throughout each story. As early childhood educators, we loved the way that she engaged the children in each story through active participation-she had them making sound effects, using story props, and even learning some new sign-language! From entrance to exit, it was a great program, and we'd love to have her perform for us again!"


~Teachers, from Cheswick Presbyterian Preschool

"So good at what you do!!!!! The children get so engaged!!!"

~Tara Rivers, parent

“Starla the Storyteller is an amazing asset to our literacy program.  She keeps the children entertained and the lessons are age appropriate.  The children are so excited to hear her storytelling, and talk about it for days.”

~Michele Kerrigan, Owner/Director at Joshua’s Tree Preschool

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"I have seen Starla in action and the children are just so engrossed with her work!"

~K. Wardwell, from Facebook

"Starla the Storyteller was amazing! The children were kept entertained and her program was age appropriate. We look forward to seeing her again."


~Kim Toney, Director at Cheswick Presbyterian Preschool


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